APCP Equity, Diversity and Belonging Group

'We want to change our profession and our organisation to create equity, diversity and a true sense of belonging for everyone.  I urge all members to take a look and see how you can play your part in this.'  Alex McKenzie (CSP, Chair of Council)

Equity, Diversity, Belonging & Inclusion

In alignment with the CSP's Equity, Diversity and Belonging (EDB) Strategy, APCP is committed to supporting equity, diversity and belonging, and opposing discrimination.  We believe that EDB is crucial to enhance the quality of engagement with our members and the children, young people and families who we provide care for.

In 2021, a small group of APCP members began to meet informally to discuss EDB issues and how APCP can work to promote positive and lasting change. 

The Group has identified 4 key aims:

Aim 1 - To support a paediatric physiotherapy profession that reflects the diversity in society.

Aim 2 - To encourage and enable members with different needs, identities, backgrounds and experiences to be active and engage with the APCP.

Aim 3 - To challenge and remove any structural barriers within our organisation to achieving equity of opportunities and experience for everyone.

Aim 4 – To support the delivery of equitable and accessible healthcare to those who access paediatric physiotherapy services

The Group, chaired by Barry Johnstone, plans to meet bi-monthly in 2022 to continue provide leadership and influence to the APCP in supporting EDB, and to continue to develop a strategy for positive change.

The EDB Group can be contacted at: edb@apcp.org.uk

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