Find a Children's Physiotherapist

Use the APCP online directory of members in private practice to find a private Children's Physiotherapist in the UK

The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP) aims to promote good practice in paediatric physiotherapy, providing training and support for Children's Physiotherapists.  

The majority of children's physiotherapists work in the NHS.  Your GP can advise about local services and make a referral if appropriate.

Some parents choose to seek advice and treatment from an independent or private physiotherapist either instead of, or as well as, NHS care.   

The APCP online directory contains details of APCP members providing private physiotherapy services and will be a highly experienced Children's Physiotherapist or working under the guidance and supervision of a highly experienced Children’s Physiotherapist. 

Users can search for private paediatric physiotherapists by postcode or practice / practitioner name and will also be able to filter results by conditions treated, interventions and treatment offered, and /or treatment locations ... enabling you to find the right physio for your child's needs.

Before searching the directory ... read our information pages for further guidance about things to consider when thinking about engaging a private physiotherapist.

DISCLAIMER: individual practices and practitioners appearing in the Directory are responsible for ensuring that their practice listing is accurate and up-to-date, and for maintaining their own professional development and competency to practice.  APCP does not accept any liability for any physiotherapy services provided as a result of using the Directory - see Terms & Conditions.
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