History of APCP

APCP is one of the CSP's largest Professional Networks and continues to thrive with a membership of over 2,700 paediatric physiotherapists.  The majority of our members practise in the UK, but we have a number of members practising overseas.

APCP History

APCP had its early roots in Birmingham.  Forward thinking paediatric physiotherapists led by Ann Mark and Mary Hazelwood put forward a proposal to form an association, with objectives from the very beginning to provide a forum for physiotherapists working with children to share ideas, provide appropriate training, and to gain recognition as a specific interest group within the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

An inaugural meeting was held at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street on 22nd February 1973 and the response was overwhelming with over 100 attendees, and clearly demonstrated the need for such a fourm and for things to start immediately. 

A committee was elected with representation from all regions of the UK and Moyna Gilbertson was elected as the first chairperson.


APCP Today

The original aims and objectives remain and continue to be actively pursued with the Association's profile and achievements growing year-on-year as evidenced by its increasing membership, the popularity of Annual Conference and other training events, and the increased professionalism of its Journal and other publications.

The day-to-day affairs of APCP are managed by the National Committee which is supported by a network of 11 Regional Committees, and a number of Specialist Committees which bring together expertise in specific clinical and occupational fields within paediatric physiotherapy.

The work and activities of APCP is supported by 2 members, who are contracted to provide administration and operational services.

The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists' objectives are:

  • to provide a forum to promote the exchange of ideas between those interested in paediatrics;
  • to promote best practice for those working with children and young people;
  • to promote and facilitate continuous professional development and educational opportunities in paediatric physiotherapy;
  • to encourage research and development in paediatric physiotherapy and related fields to enhance the evidence base of physiotherapy;
  • to develop and maintain links with other relevant organisations in the UK and overseas;
  • to represent paediatric physiotherapy on behalf of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy;
  • to promote the role and benefits of paediatric physiotherapy.

Current key objectives and strategies for APCP are set out in the APCP Five Year Plan.