APCP Research Hub launched on APCP website

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APCP is pleased to announce the launch of its new Research Hub bringing together resources and information to support members involved,  or wanting to get more involved with, paediatric physiotherapy research.

What is the APCP Research Hub?

The APCP Research Hub has been created within the APCP website as a ‘go to’ place to help facilitate paediatric physiotherapy research by providing resources, funding information, research webinars and courses, links to our journal and network support.

The Research Hub can be found within the Resources pages on the APCP website.

If you know of any useful resources that you think should be added to the Research Hub, please contact: office@apcp.org.uk


APCP Paediatric Research Network

APCP Research Network and Mentorship

Sharing knowledge and expertise is fundamental to our progress both as individuals and for the profession.

APCP is committed to developing a Research Network for all members of the APCP who have an interest in research with a forum to be able to link up, share current project work, provide peer support and to enable research collaboration.

If you would be interested in being part of the APCP Research Network, please register online now.  

It is hoped that APCP Research Network will also provide an opportunity for members to find a research mentor.  Further information about this will be announced later in the year. 



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