APCP Research Network and Mentorship

Sharing knowledge and expertise is fundamental to our progress both as individuals and for the profession.   

APCP is committed to developing a Research Network to support members interested in paediatric physiotherapy research.

For more experienced researchers this is a chance to share their knowledge and skills, and for more novice researchers being part of a network provides an opportunity to gain peer support from colleagues with similar experiences.

APCP Paediatric Research Network

If you work in research, are a novice researcher or want to incorporate research into your clinical practice, and would be interested in being part of APCP's Research Network please let us know by completing our registration form.

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APCP Paediatric Research Network


APCP is not currently able to provide mentors, but the CSP Mentorship Scheme is available for CSP members.

CSP Mentorship Scheme
Research Mentorship