Consultation on the draft CSP Equity, Diversity and Belonging Strategy

CSP members are asked to comment on the draft Equity, Diversity and Belonging Strategy.

The consultation will run until 31 July 2021




Aims to achieve equity, diversity and belonging

  1. Create a physiotherapy profession which reflects the diversity in society.
  2. Improve equity in health by developing members’ confidence and capacity to take positive action to change the culture, policies and practices of physiotherapy services.
  3. Enable members to feel real belonging by visibly opposing discrimination and showing effective allyship to ensure the experience of members with protected characteristics is positive, equitable and inclusive at university, when seeking work and at work.
  4. Increase representation of members with protected characteristics amongst those who are leading and influencing the profession at all levels. 
  5. Encourage and enable members with marginalised identities, backgrounds and experiences to engage with the CSP by: building a culture which promotes belonging, meets changing preferences and adapts opportunities to individual needs.
  6. Establish and maintain an inclusive organisational culture in which diversity is championed, and where discrimination and inequity is identified and challenged.
  7. Challenge and remove any organisational structural barriers to achievement of equity of opportunity and experience for all. This includes creating equity through affirmative action in policies, procedures and organisational behaviours.
  8. Establish a CSP leadership that is reflective of the diversity of society and actively engages with and is accountable for equity, diversity and belonging across the organisation.

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