NEW - Temporary APCP membership for rotational physiotherapists

Rotational physiotherapists can now apply for FULL temporary access to the APCP website to support their clinical practice. 

Supporting students and rotational physiotherapists

In 2021, we introduced temporary FULL access to the APCP website for undergraduate students on clinical placement.  There was an overwhelming response to this, with over 290 students applying for access.  We also received a lot of very positive feedback from clinical supervisors who value this resource for their students.

FULL access to the APCP website includes access to ...

Further information about the student offer can be found HERE


We are now extending this offer to qualified rotational physiotherapists, who are now able to apply for temporary (a minimum of 4 months up tp a maximum of 9 months) FULL access to the APCP website for a small fee, to support their clinical practice.

Further information about the offer for rotational physiotherapists can be found HERE

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