Find a Children's Physiotherapist

APCP's new online directory will help parents to find private paediatric physiotherapists with the appropriate experience and skills.

Find a Children's Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists who work with children should have the right skills and expertise to deliver appropriate care and best practice for the children and families that they work with.

APCP believes that all physiotherapists treating children and young people, whether in the NHS or private sector, should have at least five years experience of working in paediatric physiotherapy, or be working under the guidance and supervision of a highly experienced paediatric physiotherapist.  

APCP's new online directory - Find a Children's Physiotherapist - allows parents to search for a private physiotherapist with the appropriate specialist skills.

Users can search by postcode or the physiotherapist’s name, and can filter results by conditions treated, interventions and treatments offered, and /or treatment locations ... enabling parents to find the right physio for their child.

If you are a private practitioner and would like to find ot more about publishing your details in the directory please see further information here.


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