Equity, Diversity and Belonging News

APCP Equity, Diversity & Belonging Group Meeting (February 2022)

APCP members were invited to attend February's meeting of APCP EDB Group to find out more about the Group, participate in the conversation,  and help identify our EDB priorities for 2021/2022.

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Equity, Diversity, Belonging & Inclusion

CSP Diversity Networks gain new constitution

After a consultation, the structure of the Diversity Networks has changed, bringing them in line with other networks and providing extra resources.

CSP News - 15/02/2022
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Diversity Networks

CSP backs calls for action to tackle health inequalities in NHS

New report highlights that racial discrimination and barriers to accessing healthcare have led to huge health inequalities for Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in England.

CSP News - 14/02/2022
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Health Inequalities

A Year in a Profession of Progress

In his edition of Frontline, focusing on LGBTQIA+ issues, a panel of LGBTQIA+ CSP members reflect on the progress made in the past 12 months.

CSP Frontline: February 2022
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APCP Equity Diversity and Belonging (EDB) Group

In 2021, a small group of APCP members began to meet informally to discuss EDB issues and how APCP can work to promote positive and lasting change. 

APCP News: 21 January 2022
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Equity, Diversity, Belonging & Inclusion

A review of the CSP response to Black Lives Matters (#BLM)

This article reviews the steps that the CSP have taken over the previous 18 months to support the Black Live sMatter movement.

CSP Frontline: October 2021
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Black Lives Matter