CPIP - Becoming a trainer

From July 2020 it has been agreed by CPIP National committee that Train the Trainer courses will be discontinued and any future trainers will follow a competency-based protocol.

New CPIP Trainers

A core group of competencies have been agreed (See Appendix 1: Application for New CPIP Trainer) which any potential new trainer would be expected to be able to demonstrate with the support of their Clinical Lead/Head of Department.  An individual can apply for the trainer role if they can demonstrate evidence of meeting the specified criteria and have the support from their manager.  The Clinical Lead/Head of Department should determine what the requirements for their own department/team(s) are in terms of CPIP Trainers.  It is the responsibility of the Clinical Lead/Head of Department to ensure that any individual applying as a CPIP Trainer meets the necessary standards and can be supported to maintain all requirements of the role, e.g. support for CPIP CPD activity, support to link with regional Representative.

Applications must be made on the ‘Application for New CPIP Trainer’ form by email to the CPIP Regional Representative (see email addresses on the CPIP home page).  The Regional Rep will subsequently review the application and issue Trainer Numbers/Certificates as appropriate; signposting new trainers to the resources required to undertake the role

Existing CPIP Trainers

All existing trainers must now meet these training competencies.  They must complete and return the documentation (See Appendix 1: Application for New CPIP Trainer) to the regional representative so that their trainer number can remain valid.





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