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APCP now has a membership of over 2,700 members and allies.  

Membership of APCP is open to all physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, therapy support workers, and other healthcare professionals with an interest in paediatric physiotherapy.   

Benefits of membership ...

  • Access to courses / study days and Annual Conference at subsidised rates.
  • Exclusive access to APCP short webinars and recorded webinars - free or for a minimal charge.
  • Access to all APCP publications - free or at subsidised rates.
  • Access to members' only content and resources on the APCP website.
  • Bi-annual peer reviewed journal distributed in June and December.
  • Opportunity for peer support and networking via the regional networks.
  • Access to Paediatric Measures - an invaluable research tool to enhance your working knowledge.
  • Opportunity for qualified members on clinical rotation n paediatrics to apply for temporary FULL access to the APCP website for the duration of their paediatric rotation at reduced fees.
  • Opportunity to refer students on clinical placement for complimentary FULL access to the APCP website for the duration of paediatric placements
  • Eligibility to publish a listing in the APCP private practitioners' online directory (qualified members practising in the UK only).
  • Access of up to £2,000 of Bursary Funding in Research and Education.

 Automatic Rolling Annual Membership Subscription Fees ...

Welcome APCP New Members
  • £45.00 - all qualified physiotherapists living and/or working in the UK or other high-income countries. 
  • £20.00 - qualified physiotherapists living and working in LMICs*, retired physiotherapists (inc. those on a career break / maternity leave), therapy assistants, physiotherapy undergraduate students, and all other healthcare professionals.

(Please note, we only accept credit card or direct debit payments).

* The reduced rate for qualified physiotherapists in low and medium income countries (LIMCs) has recently been introduced to support the CPD needs of both UK therapists living and working in LIMCs and citizens of these counties.  NB: Automatic Annual Rolling Membership will revert back to the original subscription fees, unless we are informed.  If your circumstances change during the year, once we are informed, your new subscription fees will be adjusted for the following year. Please contact to enquire about membership under this category.


PLEASE NOTE: Memberships runs from January to December.  Should you wish to terminate your membership at anytime, please contact - thank you.
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APCP Members and Allies 

  • Members - only qualified physiotherapists who are CSP members (i.e. chartered physiotherapists) are eligible for Full membership
  • Allies - all other physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, therapy support workers, and other professionals are eligible for Allied membership only.

Members and allies have access to the same membership benefits, but only members are eligible to vote at the APCP Annual General Meeting.

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