APCP Regions

APCP members are represented by 11 regional areas across the UK.  Each Region has a locally elected committee and is represented at National Committee meeting by a Regional Representative.

Map of APCP Regions


APCP Region Objectives

  • to represent the views of the Region's members at APCP National Committee via the elected Regional Representative;
  • to promote the Association and paediatric physiotherapy at a regional level;
  • to provide a regional forum for clinical networking, peer support, and continuing professional development (CPD) through study days, evening lectures and courses;
  • to develop and maintain links with relevant organisations within the Region;
  • to host and assist with the organisation of the APCP Annual Conference and other national events as required.


Current key objectives and strategies for the APCP East Anglia Region are set out in the Regions Five Year Plan for 2020-2025.

The purpose and rules governing the functioning of Regional Committees are explained within the  APCP Regional Constitution.