Paediatric Outcome Measures

With outcomes increasingly becoming the currency of modern healthcare, find out how outcome measures can inform your own clinical practice.

Improving the quality of healthcare is top of the agenda in all four UK countries, resulting in an increased focus on methods of measuring the quality of clinical practice and service delivery.

Find out how outcome measures can inform your own clinical practice and use the APCP online database of paediatric outcome measures to find and choose appropriate measures for your purpose.

The APCP Outcome Measures Database

This database aims to present and describe some of the most commonly used outcome measures. 

A descriptive summary for each measure is presented to assist therapists to find and choose an appropriate for their purpose.  This summary includes:

  • the purpose of the measure
  • the population / group that it is suitable for use with
  • a description of the procedure / process
  • a description of reliability / validity
  • a list of strengths and weakness
  • a list of equipment required
  • associated costs
  • references

How to use the database

Use the outcome measure matrix (below) to check for outcome measures that are suitable for use with the group of children you want to measure - the matrix clearly indicates the age and type of children that each measure is suitable for.

Only APCP members who are logged are able to view the descriptive summaries for each measure.

Select the measure you wish to investigate by clicking on the name of the outcome measue on the matrix  or by selecting from the download list below. 

The database includes only a some of the more commonly used measures only, although we hope to add more measure overs time.