A Paediatric Musculoskeletal Competence Framework for Physiotherapists Working in the UK

Children and young people are different from adults. They are continually developing physically, emotionally and psychologically. Due to the physiology and biomechanics of growth, young people show a unique set of age related symptoms. Whilst many conditions seen in childhood are self-limiting; some more serious pathology can occur. Delays in diagnosis may lead to long term disability or mortality.

The differential diagnosis relevant to musculoskeletal symptoms is so broad that adequate paediatric training is essential. Clinicians working in this specialist field must have a clear understanding of the biological differences between children and adults.

The intention of these documents is to provide a learning resource for physiotherapy assessment and management of children and young people presenting with musculoskeletal symptoms.

These documents were developed by a panel of expert paediatric physiotherapists to establish the basis by which to prepare the physiotherapy workforce to deliver safe care to children and young people requiring musculoskeletal assessment, advice and management.

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