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In this webinar Rosie Greaves, Physiotherapist, shares experiences of Paediatric Physiotherapy in Namibia.

My mum (OT) and I spent 2 weeks working alongside a Physiotherapist, who works at a residential home for Children with a wide range of disabilities, covering outpatient clinics, wheelchair clinics, therapy for the residents and being out in the community. At the end of this webinar, I would like to involve you all in discussion regarding some of the challenges a developing country faces and some interesting clinical and cultural findings we discovered on our trip. It would be interesting to hear your questions too!!

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the role of Paediatric Physiotherapy in Namibia.
  • To understand the similarities and differences between paediatric physiotherapy in Namibia and the UK.
  • To discuss a case study.
  • To highlight the needs of Children in Namibia and the barriers to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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