APCP Journal Volume 9 Number 2



  • Page 2 - Editorial. (B. Johnstone)
  • Pages 4-16 - Does an annual community based activity day (Do It For You) increase participation in sports and leisure activities following a diagnosis of childhood cancer? (A. Jenkins, D. Rowley, K. Aucharaz, T. Urquhart, S. Demack)
  • Pages 17-26 - Setting the height of posterior walkers for children with cerebral palsy: Current practise of paediatric physiotherapists across the UK. (D. Leith, B. Lailna, E. Smallwood, F. Li)
  • Pages 27-37 - Physiotherapist opinions of barriers and facilitators that affect primary caregiver engagement with the use of standing frames for children with cerebral palsy:  A qualitative study. (R. Cowan, S. Davis) 
  • Pages 38-44 - How long does it take ambulant children with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy to regain their preoperative functional level after soft tissue orthopaedic surgery? (M. Dunkley, P. Harniess)
  • Pages 45-55 - Paediatric orthopaedic normal variants:  What they are and how to manage them. (M. O'Mir, E. Guilfoyle, C. O’Sullivan)
  • Pages 56-63 - The importance of static and dynamic posture: how making static equipment dynamic may improve movement and function of children with neurological impairment - A retrospective service evaluation. (F. George)
  • Pages 64-70 - Conference Abstracts - APCP Conference 2018. (M. Poole, B. Gibbins, A. Hebda-Boon, X. Hodgson)
  • Page 70 - Physical Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy (Mary Rahlin) - Book Review by C. Naylor

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