APCP Journal Volume 7 Number 1


  • Page 3 - Editorial (Cate Naylor)


  • Pages 4-13 - Can Rebound Therapy Improve Gross Motor Skills and Participation in Children with Cerebral Palsy? (C. Duff, C Sinani, P. Marshall, J. Maz)
  • Pages 14-22 - Intra-rater Reliability of Clinical Measures of Leg Function in Typically Developing Children Aged 1 - 4 Years (R. Rapson)
  • Pages 23-32 - Experiences of Using the ABILHAND-Kids Questionnaire for Children with Unilateral CP in a UK Settting (J. Baggaley, E. Kirkpatrick, J. Pearse, A. Basu)
  • Pages 33-45 - Feasibility study of the ‘Upsee’ as a new community mobility device and its impact on gross motor function in young children with Cerebral Palsy (Gross Motor Function Classification System level II-IV) (C. Mitson, M. Walk-Ley, A. Wallace, C. Conigliaro) 
  • Pages 46-54 - Children Are Not Small Adults: How Prepared Do Physiotherapy Students Feel (L. Berry, C. Anderson) 
  • Pages 55-61 - The Use of Clinical Audit in Successfully Implementing  a Change of Clinical Practice in Developmental Positioning (A. Hunter)
  • Pages 62-71 - Is Nasopharyngeal (NP) Suction Safe and Effective in Children?  A Literature Review (M. Davidson, S. Gregson, P. Ritson, L. Turner)


  • Pages 72-77 - Implementing Better Healthcare: Using Audit and Feedback to Change Therapists' Practice (S. Armitage, J, McAnuff, J. Featherstone, N. Kolehmainen)
  • Pages 78-87 - The Development of Nasopharyngeal Suction Guidelines and Competency Pack for Parents and Carers of Children with Chronic Respiratory Morbidity or Illness (C. Egan, A. Hipwell)


  • Pages 88-89 - Rhombencephosynapsis (A. Black)


  • Page 90 - Sleep Positioning Systems for Children with Cerebral Palsy (S. Coombe)

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