APCP Journal Volume 3 Number 2


  • Page 3 - Editorial (Eva Bower)


  • Pages 5-11 - Current Understanding of the Impact of Childhood Obesity on the Foot and Lower Limb (S Morrison, R Mahaffey, S Cousins, W Drechsler)
  • Pages 12-24 - The Use of Deoxyribonuclease in Ventilated Children without Cystic Fibrosis: A Review of the Literature (J Kainth)


  • Pages 25-31 - Does the Age at Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis Affact Adherence to a Nebulised Antibiotic? (M Archer, R Rayner, V Williams)
  • Pages 32-38 - Examining the Usability and Acceptability of the Paediatric CARE Measure with AHP Services (M Place, J Murphy, J Reid)
  • Pages 39-48 - The Wee Glasgow Gait Index - A Screening Tool (N Tennant, L Wiggins, H Read, B Meadows)
  • Page 49-54 - The Effect of Rebound Therapy on Functional Outcomes in Children with Mild Physical Impairments (A Witham, M Turton, H Shannon)


  • Page 55 - Winkelman's Rotationplasty: A Rare Oncological Limb Salvage Procedure Completed on the Youngest Patient in the World to Date (L Waller)
  • Page 56 - Influences on Undergraduate Physiotherapy Students' Career Choices (C Tripathi, M Burton)
  • Page 57 - The Parent's Perspective of Clubfoot Treatment Across the UK Shows Considerable Variance in Treatment as Shown by Parent Surveys in 2007 and 2011 (S Banton, C Nash)
  • Page 58 - Participation in Adapted Dynamic Cycling - Experiences of Children and Young People with Cerebral Palsy (D Pickering, K Visser, L Horrocks, G Todd)
  • Page 59 - Where does Physiotherapy Fit into the Life of a Busy Adolescent? (M Cant)
  • Page 60 - An Exploration of Paediatric Physiotherapists' Views on How the Activity of Children with Cerebral Palsy Affects Their Participation (S Lear, D Pickering)
  • Page 61 - Children with Charcot Marie Tooth Have Significantly Weaker Grip Strength than the Normal Child Population (V Selby, M Main)


  • Pages 62-63 - 'Cerebral Palsy: From Diagnosis to Adult Life' (Reviewed by R Butler and A Rangecroft)
  • Page 64 - 'Sensory Dinosaurs' (Reviewed by Michele Lee)


  • Pages 65-66 - Researching the Lives of Disabled Children and Young People (Reviewed by D Pickering)


  • Pages 67-69 - Juvenile Dermatomyositis (J Scott)


  • Pages 70-72 - Spasticity in Children and Young People with Non-Progressive Brain Disorders: Management of Spasticity and Co-existing Motor Disorders and their Early Musculoskeletal Complications (Reviewed by S Coombe)

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