APCP Journal Volume 11 Number 2

APCP Practice and Experiences of Paediatric Physiotherapists during the COVID 19 Pandemic - Survey Results

 We would like to say thank you to APCP members for your participation in this special Journal edition.

 Back in June, we asked you to share your experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and there is no doubt there was a lot to be said……..

We have listened, and analysed your responses to determine common themes and are delighted to present the results today.  Seven key areas have been explored; these include the paediatric physiotherapy role, caseload management, technology, continuing professional development, research and education, wellbeing and moving forwards.   Each key theme has a dedicated section so you can read through the entire Journal or jump to individual themes.  The introduction and concluding section entitled “ Are we there yet?” are also presented as individual articles for ease of reading. 


  • Page 3 - Editorial. (B. Johnstone)
  • Pages 4-11 - Introduction, Background and Methodological Approach
  • Pages 12-27 - Changes to Role (J. Bell, A. Hebda-Boon, R. Knight-Lozano, K. McGarrity, R. Evans, L. James, L. Walsh)
  • Pages 28-39 - Caseload Management (R. Evans, R. Knight Lozano, A. Hebda-Boon, J. Bell, K. McGarrity, L. Walsh, L. James)
  • Pages 40-50 -  Technology (K. McGarrity, A. Hebda-Boon, J. Bell, R. Evans, R. Knight Lozano, L. James, L. Walsh)
  • Pages 51-61 - Continuing Professional Development (A. Hebda-Boon, L. James, R. Knight Lozano, L. Walsh, J. Bell, R. Evans, K. McGarrity)
  • Pages 62-73 - Research and Education (R. Knight Lozano, R. Evans, J. Bell, A. Hebda-Boon, L. James, K. McGarrity, L. Walsh)
  • Pages 74-88 - Wellbeing (L. James, A. Hebda-Boon, J. Bell, R. Evans, R. Knight-Lozano, K. McGarrity, L. Walsh)
  • Pages 89-99 - Moving Forwards (L. Walsh, A. Hebda-Boon, K. McGarrity, L. James, J. Bell, R. Knight Lozano, R. Evans)
  • Pages 100-108 - Are we there yet? The journey towards defining our professional identity during time of crisis – the APCP COVID-19 Survey (A. Hebda-Boon, R. Knight Lozano, L. Walsh, L. James, K. McGarrity, J. Bell, R. Evans)
  • Page 109 - Acknowledgements
  • Pages 110-117 - Appendix 1

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