APCP Journal Volume 10 Number 2


  • Page 2 - Editorial. (B. Johnstone)
  • Pages 4-19 - Development of a consensus classification of physiotherapy interventions in paediatric neurorehabilitation. (D. Young, R. Forsyth, K. Mares)
  • Pages 20-32 - Exploring the beliefs of young people with cerebral palsy and their families about sport and physical activity in relation to paediatric physiotherapy exercise. (S. Booth, N. Snowdon)
  • Pages 33-42 - A preliminary study toward developing a paediatric prehension classification and outcome measurement for upper limb deficiencies.(K. Wainwright, T. Sims, C. Metcalf) 
  • Pages 43-51 - Evaluation of the respiratory management of children with neuromuscular scoliosis after spinal fusion surgery over time. (S. Temby, B. Eldridge, M.B. Johnson, J. Rodda)
  • Pages 52-59 - Development of a Paediatric Facial Palsy Multidisciplinary Service. (H. Hartley, R. Williams, A. Fattah)
  • Pages 60-70 -Recommendations for Paediatric Respiratory Physiotherapy Care of The Complex Child in the Community.  (A. Shepherd, R. Evans, N. Winfield, M. Archer)
  • Page 71 - Book Review by B. Johnstone -  Bringing up babies and young children who have very special needs. (P. Limbrick)
  • Page 72 - Book Review by M. Mockford -  ICF: a hands-on approach for clinicians and families(O. Kraus de Camargo, L. Simon, G. Ronen, P. Rosenbaum)

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