APCP London Region Evening Webinar - The Role of Whole Body Vibration to Enhance Rehabilitation of Paediatric Populations

Event details

6.30pm - 7.30pm
Free (APCP members only)


Event Organiser

APCP London Region


Guest Speakers:
  • Victoria Williams ST (M.Dip) PTST (M,Dip) Rehabilitation and Functional Training Specialist 
  • Dr Claire Minshull - Rehabilitation and Conditioning Specialist

This lecture will aim to:

  • Introduce and define the approach and discuss the background and relevant evidence base
  • Provide knowledge and understanding of the approach
  • Provide an understanding of the types of conditions/ presentations it can treat
  • Present case studies to explore and gain insight into assessment processes / treatment techniques, measuring outcomes and goal setting / how the approach sits within the wider / overall management of the child / young person.
PLEASE NOTE: This is event is open to APCP members only.  Pre-registration is required to join the live event.

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