Parent Leaflet - Positional talipes (CTCV)

Year published: 2023

This leaflet has been produced after an initial review of literature and where there is a lack of evidence, a consensus of expert opinion is agreed, correct at time of publication.

This leaflet is freely available and intended for distribution to parents.  APCP is therefore happy for any physiotherapist or other healthcare professional / healthcare organisation to download and print these leaflets for distribution in clinical practice.  APCP also allows uploading of these leaflets to other website servers to facilitate distributon to parents.

This leaflet is for Positional Talipes Calcaneo-Valgus (CTCV)

There is another leaflet for Positional Talipes Equino-Varus (CTEV) - if you are not sure which condition your baby has, please check with your healthcare provider.

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