Paediatric Physiotherapists Treating Adults with CP – A discussion on its influence on practice and in turn, how it can affect the decision-making when working with babies and children.

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This webinar will be hosted by Neurodevelopmental Therapist - Ellie Barton. She has always worked holistically, starting her career in paediatrics in Medway working in a team where interdisciplinary working was championed. She has been working solely as an independent Physiotherapist for the past 7 years, but also has over 9 years’ experience working in the NHS. Her current approach has been most strongly influenced by working with Jean Pierre Maes at MAES Therapy (from 2018-2021). She is also Bobath and Ayres Sensory Integration trained and recently became trained in VERVE child interaction therapy. (VERVE is a form of video interaction therapy developed by Keena Cummings a speech and language therapist. The emphasis of the therapy is on supporting self-regulation to develop communication and learning).

Ellie and Jessi met in 2018 when Jessi was a few years into their PHD and struggling with debilitating pain from spasms. Both hips subluxed, significant spinal scoliosis and contractures and deformities impact their sitting posture. Jessi was no longer able to straighten their legs up sit upright, even fully supported, where as a young teen they had sat unaided and walked with hand support. Both keen to build an understanding or at least test hypothesis on how and why Jessi was facing the problems they were facing. For Jessi having a reason made it easier to accept and for Ellie there was so much to consider and learn that can guide how we treat and manage younger generations with similar challenges. We will share examples of learning from Jessi and Ellie’s work together and share how they have changed Ellie’s Physio practice working with babies and children with CP and the positive outcomes of these changes.

Learning objectives

  • To explore how treating adults with CP (and similar Neurodevelopmental conditions) informs decision making when working with babies and children with similar challenges.
  • To explore and discuss practice examples from Dr Jessi Parrot (Freelance performer, mezzo, poet, playwright, researcher, trainer and consultant PhD in disability, the arts and employment from the University of Warwick), and Ellie Barton - Independent Neurodevelopmental Therapist, working together we consider the benefits from all sides.

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