Using the APCP Branding

The APCP’s brand is at the heart of the Association's  work to promote the value of paediatric physiotherapy, paediatric physiotherapists and associated health workers.


We have developed branding guidelines to ensure that the brand and logos are used in a consistent and effective way.

Use of “Chartered” in relation to physiotherapy

Only qualified CSP members may describe themselves as Chartered Physiotherapists.  Consequently, only qualified physiotherapists who are CSP members are therefore eligible to be full members of the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists.

APCP Lozenge


The APCP Lozenge can only be used by APCP committees and associated partner organisations.  It should not be used by members on their websites, stationary or publications other than those written or approved by the APCP.

Crawling Babies' Logo


The Crawling Babies' Logo can only be used by APCP committees for use on APCP products.

APCP Members' Logo


The APCP Members' Logo can be used by full APCP members on website, stationery and plaques to denote their membership of the association. 

APCP members can download a jpeg file of the APCP Members' Logo  HERE.