Tummy time

Tummy Time

This describes any position in which the baby is lying on their tummy. It is an excellent way in which to strengthen their neck, back and shoulder muscles. Try and let them have a few minutes on their front each time they wake.

A good way to introduce tummy time is when you are reclined in a chair and they are lying on their tummy on your chest. By bringing their elbows forward under their shoulders and supporting around the chest they will be able to lift their head up whilst keeping their arms forward. Adapt the amount of assistance you provide as they gain head control.

Tummy time


As their head control improves they may like these positions. Give extra support around their chest or place a hand on their bottom to keep it down if they are struggling.

 This is a useful position for dressing, winding, playing and looking around

Bring a rolled up towel or cushion right up to their armpits and keep their arms forward. Encourage them to watch or reach for a toy.






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