Q & A with Barry Johnstone - APCP Journal Editor

Published in the APCP Newsletter on 01/02/2021

Q – Hi, can you tell us a little about the journal?

A – Yes, it is the first journal in the UK (and to my knowledge, the only one) to focus on paediatric physiotherapy.  The journal aims to disseminate original research, facilitate continuing medical education and to provide an opportunity to debate controversial issues in paediatric physiotherapy.  The journal has two publications per annum (in June and December).


Q – Who receives the journal?

A – The journal is disseminated to all APCP members (over 2,000) and we have access to all previous papers since 2013.  Non-APCP members can purchase a complete journal issue for £10.00 and an individual article for £2.50.


Q – Who can submit to the journal?

A – Anyone can submit a paper to the APCP journal, you do not need to be an APCP member.


Q – What types of submissions are accepted for the journal?

A – The APCP journal will consider submissions that relate to research and development in paediatric physiotherapy and related fields.  In the main, these submissions will fall into one of the following categories; experimental study, qualitative study, literature review, service evaluation/audit and case study/series.  Journal submission deadlines are 15th January and 15th July.

We may consider other types of research but would encourage a pre-submission discussion by e-mailing the APCP Journal Editorial Team.


Q – Why should I submit to the journal?

A – The journal is one of a few globally that focus on paediatric physiotherapy.  We also have a strong readership of paediatric physiotherapists so it is likely that your paper will reach a good proportion of your targeted audience.


Q – What does the submission process involve?

A – Prospective authors should firstly read the submission guidance on the APCP website to ensure they comply with our guidance.  Once submitted, each paper is subject to anonymous peer review by two experienced reviewers.  Recommendations are given on the paper and a decision is made on whether the paper should be accepted for publication.  This process is typical of submission to other journals.  From experience, I would say that our process is a very supportive one.  If an author is new to writing academically or requires further help to get a paper to a publication standard, we will help.


Q – Do you have any tips before starting off?

 A – I would say planning is really important, you can’t change things once they have happened and this will make the writing process easier.  It is also crucial that you work within ethical standards and papers can’t be published if they don’t comply with this.  For further information on whether you need to apply for research, this is a really useful website which can offer advice - http://www.hra-decisiontools.org.uk/research/.  It is also advisable to discuss with your organisation's research body to ask for advice if you are unsure.


Q – Thank you Barry, do you have anything else to say?

A – The APCP journal would welcome any interest in potential submissions.  If you have any queries, please contact journal@apcp.org.uk.

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