Paediatric Physiotherapists in the Independent and Private Sectors (PPIPS)

PPIPS support the role of APCP members who work in the independent and private sectors. This might include work in private practice, private hospitals, equipment companies, charities and education.


The PPIPS Committee consists of up to 12 nationally elected members. Current key objectives and strategies for the APCP PPIPS Committee are set out in the PPIPS Committee Five Year Plan for 2020-2025.

Vacancies on the PPIPS committee are available now

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PLEASE NOTE: We do not hold a separate membership list of members working, or interested in working, in the Independent and Private Sectors, but you can register to receive notifications about courses (see links below).

What are the aims of PPIPS?

  • To support the role of APCP members who work in the independent and private sectors

This may include members working:

  • as private practitioners - either as sole traders or as employees / associates within a limited company
  • within private hospitals and GP clinics
  • with children with disabilities in schools and colleges
  • with children and young people in sports and the performing arts
  • for registered charities - in paid or voluntary capacity
  • as a medical-legal expert witness or as a case manager
  • overseas and in the developing countries / disaster response
  • physiotherapy education and research
  • in industry - such as orthotic and equipment companies 

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