Northern Ireland Region Committee Nominations

Regional Committee vacancies for the following year are normally advertised in September each year.

All full members of APCP living and/or working in Northern Ireland are eligible to nominate themselves for election to the Northern Ireland Regional Committee.  

Ideally the committee needs representation from across all geographical areas and from a broad range of clinical backgrounds.

This is an opportunity for APCP members to help influence the work and activities of APCP in their Region and offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your networks and to represent the views of your colleagues.


The objectives of Regional Committees are ...

  • to represent the views of the Region's members at APCP National Committee via the elected Regional Representative
  • to promote the Association and paediatric physiotherapy at a regional level
  • to provide a regional forum for clinical networking, peer support, and continuing professional development (CPD) through study days, evening lectures and courses
  • to develop and maintain links with relevant organisations within the Region
  • to host and assist with the organisation of the APCP Annual Conference and other national events as required 

What does being on a Regional Committee involve?

  • Committee members are expected to attend committee meetings (normally 2-4 per year) and to participate in activities to advance the objectives of the Regional Committee

  • Members are elected to serve a four-year term on a Regional Committee and are are eligible to stand for a second four-year term if they wish.  Members who have served 8 years on a Regional Committee  Committee must then stand down from that committee for at least two years

Members should nominate themselves but will be required, where possible, to provide the names of 2 APCP members who will support their nomination.

Where more nominations than vacancies are received, successful nominees will be selected by the current committee members.  

If you have any questions about joining the Regional Committee, please contact

Committee vacancies are normally advertised in September - nominations are not currently being accepted.