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Managing Neuromuscular Disorders


Guidance for Paediatric Physiotherapists - Managing Neuromuscular Disorders was published by the Neuromuscular Committee in 2017.

The document provides good practice guidance on managing infants, children and young adults with neuromuscular disorders.  The aim is to create a resource for learning and improve knowledge of physiotherapy assessment and management in neuromuscular disorders.  The advice given in the document is based on the best evidence and the professional experience of the authors who provide neuromuscular care.
The publication is intended as an e-document and contains hyperlinks to the relevant outcome measures used in these conditions.  Web links to other resources and sources of information, including a list of the specialist neuromuscular centres in the UK, are also supplied.  All neuromuscular disorders are rare. If physiotherapists are to give patients the best possible support, they need to be able to access relevant information and resources.

This publication is available to download from the Publications and Resources pages.

 Useful Websites for Professionals

There are a number of useful websites with resources for professionals.

Muscular Dystorphy UK - Support for Professionals
Scottish Muscle Network
South West Neuromuscular Operational Delivery Network (SWNODN)
Charcot Marie Tooth Uk - For Physiotherapists