How can I advertise a course or event to APCP members?

APCP currently has approximately 2,300 members.  The majority of members are qualified physiotherapists working in paediatrics - in either the NHS or private sectors in the UK.  Other members include therapy assistants, undergraduate students and other healthcare  professionals with a special interest in paediatric physiotherapy, as well as paediatric physiotherapists from overseas.   

If you are running a course relevant to paediatric physiotherapy, advertising though APCP is a powerful way of reaching potential attendees.

APCP are not allowed to advertise external courses and events on our website due to hosting agreements, however we can include information in our Courses and Events e-bulletin or we can send a solus email to promote your course or event.

All advertising requests should be submitted to 

APCP reserves the right to refused any request subject to APCP's Advertising Policy.

Courses and Events e-bulletin

The Courses and Events e-bulletin is is sent out every fortnight to APCP members and includes information about courses and events relevant to paediatric physiotherapy - see APCP calendar for the scheduled circulation dates.

  • Accepted listings may be subject to a fee (see details below) - where applicable an invoice will be raised for immediate payment.
  • Accepted listings will be included in two e-bulletins (if time permits) and the schedule for these will be confirmed prior to any mailings.
  • Listings may include brief details (up to a maximum of 100 words) plus web link to your event details and / or contact details (we cannot include file attachments).

Advertising Charges - Course & Events e-bulletin

  • No charge - Courses / events (free or charged) run by NHS Trusts, registered charities and APCP members running courses independently

  • No charge - Free courses / events run by commercial companies or higher education organisations 

  • £50.00 - Charged courses / events run by commercial companies or higher education organisations

Solus Emails

A solus email can be commissioned to be sent to APCP members to promote your course / event - subject to approval (see above) and £150.00 fee.

  • The APCP Administration Team will work with your organisation on appropriate text and images.
  •  Upon approval, and agreement of the mailing date, an invoice will be raised for immediate payment.
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