Within Wales we have a number of paediatric physiotherapists from all health boards and a representative paediatrician making up the CPIP-Wales steering group.   We are hoping to have representation from an orthopaedic surgeon in the near future.  

We meet twice a year to discuss how we are implementing the CPIP pathway within Wales at a local level, to share updates from the CPIP-UK meetings and support any training needs.  Physiotherapists from 6 of out 7 Health Boards within Wales have received training and assessments are currently being carried out in 5 Health Boards across Wales. 

We have not sought funding to date for the patient management system however this is still our long term goal.  The network team we have from across Wales are all enthusiastic and dedicated to raising awareness of CPIP within our local areas and multi-disciplinary teams to improve care and outcomes for children with cerebral palsy.

CPIP-Wales Physiotherapy Representative:  Philippa Burgess (Betsi Cadwaladr Univeristy Health Board)

Contact:  Philippa.Burgess@wales.nhs.uk