The Trent region has two CPIP hubs at present - one from Nottingham Children’s Hospital and one from Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  The Nottingham community teams are now live on the Nottingham CPIP Patient Management System (PMS), called CPIP-East Midlands PMS and are starting to upload their patient’s information.  The Sheffield Hub is also live, and they have started to add patient information, initially in the Sheffield community area and then rolling out to the surrounding community therapy teams. 

The Trent region has CPIP trainers in most areas, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Sheffield. The physiotherapy staff in these areas have been trained in the assessment process and have local trainers.

It is hoped that the Derbyshire and Lincolnshire teams will be able to join the CPIP-EM CPIP hub based from Nottingham Children’s Hospital once funding has been sourced.  If you are a therapist who still requires CPIP training please contact us via the address below and we will direct you to the nearest trainer.

CPIP-Trent Physiotherapy Representative:  Rebekah Tinney

Contact:  rebekah.tinney@nhs.net