CPIP-South West

The Regional Group continues to meet 6 monthly & most areas have now set up (or are setting up) local working groups between paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to take the pathway forward.  

Funding from Bristol and South Gloucestershire CCG has been secured for the CPIP Patient Management System (PMS) for the whole South West region, but each individual area will need to decide how they utilise that resource and whether additional local resources are needed, for example for increased physiotherapy provision.  Physiotherapy resourcing of clinics and service redesign is still proving difficult for many areas within the region, as no additional funding is available and some teams are very small.

Bristol and South Gloucestershire region have ironed out some last minute Information Governance issues and are now inputting on to the CPIP PMS with CPIP clinics happening in this area.

There appears to be a paucity of trainers in this area and previously trained staff are needing competency updates.  Ways forward for this are being discussed at the APCP South West Region meetings.

CPIP-South West Physiotherapy Representative:  Ruth Jacklin (Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)

Contact:  ruth.jacklin@sompar.nhs.uk