CPIP-South East

The CPIP-South East Patient Management System (CPIP-PMS) went live on 31/01/2018.  The system has now 236 children registered and numbers are slowly building. 

All therapists are feedback positively about using the CPIP-PMS and are excited at being able to see all the results traffic lighted. Therapists are also enthusiastic about  performing the CPIP assessment on children and are keen to develop CPIP clinics across the region.

CPIP training of physios continues within areas of South East region to ensure all physios  are trained and competent.  

Physiotherapists are measuring the hip migration and this is supported by the orthopaedic surgeons at The Evelina who are happy to take responsibility of us doing this.  We have set up competencies for measuring the hip migration percentages and only physios who have passed the South East Competencies can measure the hip x-rays.  This is working very well and the majority of physios love this part of the assessment! 

CPIP-South East Physiotherapy Representative:  Elaine Hopper (Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust)

Contact:  elainehopper@nhs.net>