The Scottish CPIPs steering group meets on Teams twice a  year with representatives from each of the 12 health boards, with a study day held annually and last held in June 2022

CPIPS has been established since 2013. All Board areas continue to do annual competency updates to include measuring and clinical reasoning. There have been over 2300 CYP added to the database during this time with currently 1700+ active.

CPIPS is funded through a variety of sources (charities, pharmaceutical companies and Scottish government grants). We have yet to secure permanent, recurring funding.

The CPIPS group has recently updated the manual and assessment forms. These are available for members on the APCP web-site.

CPIP-Scotland Physiotherapy Representative:  Julie O'Donoghue (NHS Lanarkshire)

Contact:  Julie.O'Donoghue@lanarkshire.scot.nhs.uk