CPIP-Northern Ireland

In October 2016, training of regional physiotherapy staff in lower limb measurement commenced using the Belfast Gait Laboratory measurement protocol which adheres to repeatability  guidelines as set out by CMAS. This protocol is very similar to current CPIP measurement guidelines and is currently being used regionally by all paediatric physiotherapists. Training is currently being revised and competencies are being checked annually using 2 representatives from each of the 5 health care trusts in Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately to date, we have been unable to fund the ‘CPIP-UK Train the Trainer' day, or to engage with our paediatric orthopaedic colleagues in putting forward a funding application for CPIP-UK to be rolled out regionally (to include the patient management system).  However, we are continuing to pursue orthopaedic engagement with surgeons, Miss E Robinson and Ms Carolyn Geddis.  They in turn are liaising with Mr Mark Gaston (Scottish Group Orthopaedic Surgeon), who invited them to attend the annual Scottish CPIPS meeting.

Although we have some barriers to overcome: full engagement by our orthopaedic colleagues; funding for a ‘CPIP-UKTrain the Trainer’ day; IT infrastructure for the patient management system and, monies that may be required for any additional assessments within the regions, we are continuing to work hard to try to overcome these.

CPIP-Northern Ireland Physiotherapy Representative:  Tina Weston (Belfast Heath and Social Care Trust)

Contact:  Tina.Weston@belfasttrust.hscni.net