CPIP-North West

In January 2018, the CPIP Patient Management System (CPIP-PMS) was purchased with monies from the Manchester/Liverpool COG group. 

Rather excitingly, we now have our very own logo courtesy of Kathryn Goggin’s Paediatric Physiotherapist in the Trafford Area.  Huge Thanks are extended to Kathryn for taking the time to design this!

Lots of behind the scenes work is underway to develop an agreement with the Information Governance Departments in Mersey and Cheshire to ensure all of the safeguards are in place to begin use of the system.  As these agreements are signed off and cascaded, Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria areas should hopefully also be ready to go live!!  This has been a lengthier process than expected with a winding, scenic road rather than a direct motorway route but will be worth the effort when a safe system is ready for use!

Consultants and physios in Manchester have met and discussed the practicalities of using CPIP with their local population and are all ready for the system.  Physios have been sending concise summaries from their CPIP assessments to their orthopaedic consultant colleagues who have found them helpful in informing their consultations. 

The Regional WIN meeting – which is open to physios, paediatricians, doctors and radiologists - featured an afternoon of interesting topics including ‘Embedding CPIP-UK in current practice within the NW’.

In short, everyone is poised ready to start inputting data into the CPIP-PMS as it goes ‘live’. To keep up the momentum, there are plans to form a core group of physios from across the region to keep communication flowing.  The primary aims of this group are to address issues as they arise and to keep an overview of the information gained.  An initial goal is to develop a standardised format for reports for clinics, etc.

As a region CPIP-UK has been a platform to open communication links further between areas to share our clinical knowledge – an enjoyable experienced which has been really valued by all!

CPIP-North West Physiotherapy Representative:  Hilary Finlay (Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust)

Contact:  Hilary.Finlay@alderhey.nhs.uk