CPIP-North West

In January 2018, the CPIP Patient Management System (CPIP-PMS) was purchased with monies from the Manchester/Liverpool COG group. Hilary Finlay (Alder Hey Children’s Foundation Trust) was key in getting the ball rolling within our region and did an exceptional amount of work pushing the use of CPIPS forwards. We extend our many thanks in the north-west for all that she has done. 

Lots of behind the scenes work has enabled trusts within the Lancashire and Cumbria areas to now go live on the National Database. Manchester is still awaiting this to happen, and we are grateful to the support of Glyn Wood in helping to move this forward. Whilst they await access to the database Physios in Manchester have been sending concise summaries from their CPIP assessments to their orthopaedic consultant colleagues who have found them helpful in informing their consultations. 

The Regional WIN meeting – which is open to physios, paediatricians, doctors and radiologists – continues to champion CPIPS and enables us to provide another platform to share our progress with the wider professionals MDT. CPIPS will be again on the agenda for the November 2022 WIN Meeting.

We have a core group of physios from across the region meeting regularly to keep communication flowing and share good practice. The primary aims of this group are to address issues as they arise and to keep an overview of the information gained and progress made.  

CPIP-North West Physiotherapy Representative:  Ceri Eagling (Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust) amd Kirsty Morgan (Alder Hey Childrens' NHS Foundation Trust)

Contact:  ceri.eagling@nhs.net / kirsty.morgan@alderhey.nhs.uk