CPIP-North East (South)

The CPIP North East (South) region covers West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire incorporating many Trusts / CCG’s. There is a strong regional group who meet twice a year to share practice with good representation from Physiotherapists across the geographical area and some orthopaedic consultant and consultant Paediatrician representation.

At present the CPIP patient management system has only been set up within the South Yorkshire region with Sheffield as the ‘hub’ and is in the process of being rolled out across the rest of the South Yorkshire area. The remaining areas within the North East (South) region are at varying stages of gaining information governance approval and have not yet started the process of trying to secure funding for their own patient management system.

Despite the patient management system not being in place within all areas in the region all trusts have implemented some form of regular CPIP assessment clinics either within Health Centres or within Special School settings and have developed their own in-house databases. There are sufficient numbers of Physiotherapists across the region who are trained and are leading on update training within their areas.

All areas have now started to do some face to face CPIP assessment as part of the pandemic re-set of services; prioritising those children who were red or amber and those in higher risk categories. Access to clinical space for assessment is challenging as all services are in the re set and recovery phase.

CPIP-North East (South) Physiotherapy Representative:  Alex Gill or Sarah Cantwell

Contact:  sarah.cantwell@nhs.net

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