CPIP-East Midlands

The Nottinghamshire Children’s Therapy Teams have now been using the live CPIP-EM patient management system for 2 years and have over 300 patients registered on the system. Prior to this they had been using the assessment tool so the children have been having regular CPIP assessments for some time. The Occupational Therapy Team has also been working closely with the Physiotherapists to review the children and are keen to look at developing the upper limb pathway in the future.

The EM region has CPIP trainers in most areas. The CPIP assessment tool is being used in all regions despite not all having the online system live yet.

The Lincolnshire Children’s Therapy Team have now secured funding to join the CPIP hub based at Nottingham University Hospitals alongside the Nottinghamshire team. In both Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire the physiotherapists are IRMER trained and can refer for hip x-rays in line with the protocol. The radiographers are working closely with the physiotherapists to record the migration percentage on the hip x rays completed. This has worked extremely well.

It is hoped that the Derbyshire and Leicestershire teams will be able to join the CPIP-EM once funding has been sourced.  If you are a therapist who still requires CPIP training, please contact us via the address below and we will direct you to the nearest trainer.

CPIP-West Midlands Physiotherapy Representative:  Sarah Dewhurst 

Contact:  sarah.dewhurst2@nhs.net

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