APCP Research and Education Bursaries - Past Award Winners

APCP Research & Education Bursaries are available to support members' clinical research and post-graduate research related education.

Research and Educations Bursaries 2021 


Research and Education Bursaries 2020

Research Bursaries

  • X. Hodgson - Does using the framework of the Enfield Determination of Need (EDoN) reflect the goals and aspirations of disabled children and young people? (Research costs)
  • K. McConnell - Vestibular stimulation in children with cerebral palsy (Research dissemination - EACD Annual Meeting 2020)
  • L. Charalambous - Deformational plagiocephaly in Cyprus infant population (Research costs)

Education Bursaries

  • N. Walsh - MSc Core Module: Applied Statistics for Health Research
  • A. Johnstone - PhD: The impact of Pectus Excavatum on Posture and Breathing in a Paediatric Population
  • K. Mead - MSc: Statistics module and research project.
  • S. Cawker - The Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AusACPDM) Biennial Conference 2020 (Perth Australia) (Dissemination of case series data relating to SDR for children with cerebral palsy)
  • A. Royle - MSc Module: Systematic review and critical appraisal appraisal techniques.
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