APCP Paediatric Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Foundation Course

This foundation course aims to provide therapists, who are new to paediatrics or who want to treat children with musculoskeletal conditions, with an understanding of the specialist knowledge and skills they need to have when working with children and young people with musculoskeletal conditions.

This course should not be confused with the APCP Introduction to Paediatric Physiotherapy - which is also for physiotherapists new to paediatrics, but which gives a broader overview of the range of conditions that may be seen in a mixed paediatric caseload.

Speakers and Objectives

  • The day will be facilitated by members of the APCP Musculoskeletal Committee.

Learning Outcomes

  • 1. To have an understanding  of the specialists knowledge and skills needed to work with children 

    2. To have a better understanding of normal development and growth and its impact on pathology

    3. To obtain further knowledge on normal variants in the paediatric population

    4. To be able to assess the paediatric patient, including using PGALS

    5. To have a better understanding of consent, well being and child protection issues

    6. To improve knowledge on assessment, differential diagnosis in several case studies