APCP Event Booking Terms and Conditions

From 7 April 2020 APCP are implementing a Cancellation Policy for their courses and conferences. APCP is a non-profit making organisation, hiring venues, equipment and speakers costs money so when people cancel or don’t show up on the day, it uses up a lot of our funding. Please read these terms and conditions fully.

  • A course booking (booking form, online booking, email) creates a binding agreement to attend the course and pay the full fee.
  • Completion of a course booking is not confirmed until receipt of payment or a purchase order. You will at that point, receive confirmation of your place at the event.
  • If you are being funded by your employer to attend a course, the full course fee must be made prior to the course date, unless agreed in advance with APCP.
  • Organisations are requested to pay the fee within 30 days of the date of the invoice
  • Late Payment - APCP reserves the right to charge late payment interest on any outstanding invoice at the rate of 5% above the base rate of Barclays Bank Plc. Where an unpaid invoice is referred for debt collection, the legal costs will be added to the total amount due.
  • Unable to attend a course - APCP will not be held liable for delegates being unable to attend (UTA) any event due to circumstances out of their control. For the avoidance of doubt, APCP cannot be held liable for delegates being UTA due to travel disruption (road, rail or air), delegate ill health, family member’s ill health or any other situation resulting in non-attendance. (See section 14)
  • Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our programme, we reserve the right to cancel a course if there are circumstances beyond our control; any fees paid will be refunded in full. We cannot however reimburse the cost of any pre-booked travel arrangements and suggest that you consider travel insurance to cover any significant costs incurred
  • Service - We will endeavour to provide the course as described on the APCP website or any other APCP promotional material. Please be aware, due to unforeseen circumstances occasionally details may need to be altered, however the overall quality of the course will not be diminished and we will notify you as soon as possible of any changes
  • Limit of liability - APCP have a duty of care to its customers and staff but are only liable up to the cost of your course. We cannot be held responsible for damage and/or loss to your personal possessions.
  • Your responsibilities - You accept that some courses have a practical component to them which if applied inappropriately may involve elements of risk or discomfort. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you take personal responsibility for your own actions. APCP accept no responsibility for damage injury or death caused to you or by you as a result of participation. You must at all times work within your own ability and scope of practice. We reserve the right to refuse your acceptance on a course if we feel it is outside your scope of practice and may put other participants at risk of injury or discomfort. You must be physically able to partake in the course and if you do have any injuries, discomfort or prior knowledge that is relevant to any activities being performed it is your responsibility to make those known. We reserve the right to remove any person from a course if their behaviour is deemed by the tutor to be detrimental to the group, unsafe or adversely affecting the course. We will not be liable for any refund in these circumstances.
  • Complaints - Should you have a problem or complaint on your course you must bring it to the attention of our staff as soon as possible and we will try to rectify the problem. If you feel that the problem was not resolved and resulted in a much-reduced enjoyment of the course you must inform us within 28 days, we will respond within 28 days and aim to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of both parties. Contact office@apcp.org.uk
  • Privacy - We will not pass on your personal details to any third party.
  • These terms are correct at the time of printing, but are subject to alteration.
  • The following cancellation fees will apply:
    • From booking until the booking deadline, cancellation is possible with 100% refund of fees minus any administration charge.
    • After the booking deadline, no refunds will be made
  • An administration fee will be chargeable when a delegate cancels attendance at a course.
    • Course cost under £40.00 -no administration fee
    • Course cost £40- £99 -£5 administration fee
    • Course cost £100- £199 -£10 administration fee
    • Course cost £200-£299 -£20 administration fee
    • Course cost >£300 -£25 administration fee
  • If you are unable to attend the course you are booked on, you may substitute, by prior arrangement and after notifying us, someone else from your organisation.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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