Resources and information to raise awareness and understanding of inequalities in society and the role of allyship in challenging these inequalities.

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How to be an ally

Top 10 tips from the CSP’s LGBTQIA+ network for being an ally.

Frontline February 2022
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Beyond Allyship - A Conversation for All

This online discussion event was hosted by Alex MacKenzie, Chair of CSP Council, and featured panellists Sudhir Daya, Mary Makinde and Stephanie Nixon.

The event for CSP members explored the panellists' own personal experiences and ways in which we can keep growing and evolving on our individual and collective allyship journeys.

Recorded 7 July 2021
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Beyond Allyship

Our NHS: A Hidden History

David Olusoga meets nurses, doctors and health workers from overseas who have transformed the NHS in spite of hostility and discrimination.

Broadcast July 2021
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BBC - Hidden History

LGBTQIA+ in the profession

A webinar with Sudhir Daya (Convenor of the CSP LGBTQIA+ Network) raising awareness of members' experiences and to help others learn and have open discussions around how fellow members can be allies and support in the workplace, within the profession (and beyond!).

Recorded 15 June 2021
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LGBTQIA+ Network

My role in tackling health inequalities: a framework for allied health professionals

The King’s Fund has worked with AHPs from across the UK to develop a framework to support any AHP to think through and understand their contribution to tackling health inequalities, whatever their role. The framework details how AHPs can raise awareness, take action and optimise advocacy through six lenses: self; patients; clinical teams, pathway and service groups; communities and networks; systems; and nurturing the future. 

Published June 2021
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Understanding the role of privilege in relation to public health ethics and practice

YouTube video with Stephanie Nixon explaining her framework / metaphor for for thinking about privilege, inequity, allyship, solidarity, and ethical public health practice.

Recorded October 2020
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Equality, diversity and inclusion in physiotherapy: keeping the conversation going

A webinar hosted by the CSP South West Regional Network and hosted by Chris Martey about equality, diversity and inclusion in the physiotherapy profession.​

Recorded September 2020
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The coin model of privilege and critical allyship: implications for heath (Stephanie Nixon)

In this article, Stephanie Nixon, explores how privilege and allyship are related to heath inequity.

Published December 2019
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Working Hard to Belong - Experiences of Pre-registration Physiotherapy Education

This study explores BAME students' experiences during their physiotherapy training and concludes that there is a need for greater training for educators to listen to these students’ voices and their stories, and understand where institutional structures and practices could be modified to enable BAME student inclusion in physiotherapy education and practice.

Published October 2019
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Physiotherapy Student