A Competence Framework and Evidence Based Practice Guidance for the Physiotherapist Working in the Neonatal Intensive Care and Special Care Unit in the United Kingdom (Updated November 2015)

This competence based framework was developed as part of the APCP's competence project by a working party from the APCP Neonatal Committee and updated in 2015 by Adare Brady and Peta Smith.  The essential competencies were developed by a panel of specialist neonatal and paediatric physiotherapists from clinical, research, and academic settings whose goal was to establish the basis by which to prepare the paediatric physiotherapy workforce to deliver safe, quality, standardised, competent, family-focused care to neonates within the Neonatal Intensive Care, High Dependency and Special Care setting and in follow-up in the Community after discharge.

It does not include competences or guidance for delivery of specialist neonatal respiratory care which is covered in A Competence Framework and Evidence Based Practice Guidance for Physiotherapists Providing Respiratory Interventions for Preterm Infants in the United Kingdom (2014)

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