APCP MATTERS - PPIMS is disbanding

Paediatric Physiotherapists In Management Support ( PPIMS) was created as a specialist group at a time when health services worked in a very different way.

In recent years there have been an increasing number of exciting opportunities for AHPs to undertake wider management roles.

In addition some of the changes which have taken place at a strategic level within the NHS have resulted in a health economy which is not conducive to sharing  information across organisational boundaries. Also much of the legislation pertaining to children and young people does not apply across the whole of the UK.

My own experience of PPIMS has been a positive one, and I have been a member since I was first appointed to a managerial role. Initially taking support from others, and eventually, I hope, sharing my hard won knowledge with Physiotherapists new to leadership roles. This mentoring role continues to be effectively embedded throughout the whole profession, another brilliant aspect of being a Physiotherapist.

My branch of PPIMS is West Midlands, we meet in real life twice a year and contact via email at other times, there are 18 members, 12 of whom attended the last meeting. It's a very productive use of time, and helps us to have a strong and united voice at regional level. It’s original incarnation was as ‘West Midlands Managers’, and it is envisaged that it will continue as a productive regional organisation, currently chaired by Donna Jones.

I have discussed the future of national PPIMS with that group and they are in agreement that the local arrangements should continue, and indeed similar arrangements continue to be productive at a local level in other areas. 

 However PPIMS nationally is a very quiet group. There are 100 members, but, in the past year the only comments posted are the few I have added. I recently asked for opinion about the future of PPIMS and didn't receive a single reply.

 I strongly believe that we need to continue to have representation from physios who have a management role at a high level within APCP, and I propose that this becomes a National Committee post with portfolio.

The reality is that many members of national committee have a leadership role, so it should be straightforward to recruit to this position within APCP. 

LaMPS is a specialist group within the CSP 'Leaders And Managers of Physiotherapy Services'.

This is their summary:  

Leadership and effective management have never been in greater demand in health and social care. LaMPS is your professional network and offers support, access to a variety of expertise, mentoring, a forum for debate and discussion and help to with all facets of delivering health and social care.

 Having agreed to disband national PPIMS we intend forge a connection with that group, which is open to all CSP members, this will further enhance our profile at a national level, and fits in well with development of modern roles. Our portfolio needs to be about leadership at all levels.

Jane Sellar

APCP vice chair

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