APPI Pilates for Kids & Teens - Discounted prices for APCP members

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9.00am - 5.00pm (TBC)
£149.00 APCP members only (normal price £189.00)

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APCP in partnership with APPI

Kids & Teens Pilates

APPI training courses are designed for physiotherapists or those with a physiotherapy degree equivalent, allowing participants to use their existing physiotherapy knowledge and apply this to the practice of pilates in the therapy setting.

APPI are now offering APCP members discounted prices on their Pilates for Kids & Teens Workshop or Matwork Level 1 / Pilates for Kids & Teens Workshop course package. 

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APPI Live-streamed Pilates for Kids & Teens Workshop Only

  • For therapists that have already completed an APPI 2-Day Matwork Level 1 course (or equivalent) before booking.
  • This one-day course applies the APPI Pilates Method principles to different stages of child development.  A detailed program for each key stage will be presented along with class plans and a variety of ideas for an innovative and exciting program for children as they grow through the stages of development.  A look into the understanding of normal child development and red flags for assessments along the way will be intertwined with the integral use of Pilates.  Each stage has a different focus and goals for the child and this course will allow you to work confidently and competently with all age ranges.  The course will be split into equal parts to cover Pilates for infants, juniors and seniors.
  • £149.00 for APCP members (normal price £189.00)

APPI 2-Day Matwork Level 1 / Pilates for Kids & Teens Workshop Package

  • This package is for therapists who have not yet completed APPI Matwork Level I (or equivalent) and includes 2-day Matwork Level I and 1-day Pilates for Kids & Teens Workshop.
  • Matwork Level I covers  the history of pilates, the five key elements of movement and includes a variety of treatment ideas and progression exercises.  Further details can be found on the APPI website.
  • Select your preferred date for completing Pilates for Kids & Teens Workshop when sumibtting your booking request.  APPI will then provide a list of available dates and options (online pre-recorded, live-streamed or  in-person)  for completing Matwork Level I prior to participation in the workshop.
  • £458.00 for APCP members / normal price £538.00

PLEASE NOTE:  Bookings will be forwarded to APPI following confirmation of membership status.  APPI will manage payments and confirmations.