NICE guidance relevant to paediatric physiotherapy

APCP is committed to supporting NICE in the development of guidelines and quality standards relevant to paediatric physiotherapy.

The APCP NICE Officer is responsible for monitoring NICE notifications to ensure that APCP is registered as a stakeholder for all relevant topics and to co-ordinate APCP's responses to consultations.

EXISTING GUIDANCE TOPICS relevant to paediatric physiotherapy


NG119 - Cerebral palsy in adults

Published January 2019

NG87 - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: diagnosis and management

Published March 2018 / last updated September 2019

NG80 - Asthma: diagnosis, monitoring and chronic asthma management

Published November 2017 / last updated February 2020

NG76 - Child abuse and neglect

Published October 2017

CG137 - Epilepsies: diagnosis and management

Published January 2012 / last updated February 2020

CG145 - Spasticity in under 19s: management

Published July 2012 / last updated November 2016

CG43 - Obesity Prevention

Published December 2006 / last updated March 2015

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