Neonatal Committee

The Neonatal Committee focuses on work with neonates and ex-preterm infants and supports the role of physiotherapists working in neonatal units or in-reaching from the community. 

Aspects of neonatal care include: respiratory care, developmentally supportive care, neurological assessment, follow up of the high risk infant and orthopaedic services specific to neonates.

Neonatal Committee

The Neonatal Committee was formed in 2003 and was the first of APCP's Specialist Committees.

The Neonatal Committee consists of up to 12 nationally elected members.

Current key objectives and strategies for the APCP Neonatal Committee are set out in the Neonatal Committee Five Year Plan for 2020-2025.


PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of developing a database for members working in or interested in neonatal physiotherapy to establish a support network and an easy way to disseminate relevant information on projects to be involved in and courses/webinars etc. Watch this space for more information!


Neonatal Committee Promoting Neonatal Physiotherapy

The Neonatal Committee works hard to promote neonatal physiotherapy at a variety of levels. We have developed strong links with the British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) and continue to work with Bliss charity. We have collaborated with NHS England to support the neonatal critical care review and the subsequent implementation plan that is shaping neonatal physiotherapy service provision across England. We are working to strengthen our links with the devolved nations to look at equitable service provision and education offerings across the whole of the UK. We are also involved with Health Education England developing education programmes for neonatal physiotherapists. 

Current work plans for 2022

  • Awake Time Ideas leaflet is being updated 
  • Working on a revised OBPP leaflet
  • Neonatal Physiotherapy Foundation course to be launched online via eLfH platform in conjunction with HEE (end of March 2022)
  • Aiming to establish a face-to-face study day to complement the online course - dates to be confirmed
  • Neonatal AHP study day to be re-established later this year
  • New project looking at ACP roles in neonatal physiotherapy in conjunction with HEE

Additional Resources and Information