CPIP-North East

‘Down South’ in the North East Region ...

The majority of physios are now trained in the CPIP assessment, sufficient CPIP trainers are available and clinics are being run using locally developed databases.  Six-monthly regional meetings continue with enthusiastic physio engagement and orthopaedic representation.  We are in the process of scoping the region to find out how many therapists we have running CPIP clinics, how they are being supported and who is taking responsibility for the ordering and reading of X-rays as this varies enormously.

Although most departments have their own in-house databases to manage the clinics, it is challenging to record the assessments, collate all the information and X-ray results to ensure that the information generated is accessible to the right people .  We need the CPIP patient management system (PMS)!

On this note, exciting plans are afoot for Leeds to be a hub for the CPIP PMS covering the area south of Northallerton, spearheaded by the orthopaedic consultant.  Leeds are working closely with Sheffield and so this seems to be a natural partnership for the development of CPIP in this region.

And ‘up North’ in the North East ...

Not to be outdone, again most physios are trained in completing the assessment and there are trainers available locally. Some gaps do exist in the running of CPIP clinics but overall the physios are enthusiastic and well engaged with physio representatives meeting every 6 months.  There is some engagement from paediatricians and orthopaedic consultants but not across the whole region although we are hoping an open invitation for attendance at a meeting in the Autumn will help improve this engagement.  

Funding is being sought to move forward with Middlesborough as a hub for the CPIP PMS  for the Northern patch of the North East.

Both North and South patches agree that a database is now required in moving forwards, to enable ease of communication and management.  Rebecca Tate (Orthopaedic Surgeon in South Tees) is working hard to find funding for the patient management system with some partial funding secured.

CPIP-North East Physiotherapy Representative:  Claire Turner  (Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust)

Contact:  c.turner7@nhs.net