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The APCP EDB Group provides strategic leadership and influence for the APCP in supporting EDB. 

The EDB Group has identified 4 key objectives:

  1. To support a paediatric physiotherapy profession that reflects the diversity in society.
  2. To encourage and enable members with different needs, identities, backgrounds and experiences to be active and engage with the APCP.
  3. To challenge and remove structural barriers within our organisation to achieving equity of opportunities and experience for everyone.
  4. To support the delivery of equitable and accessible healthcare to those who access paediatric physiotherapy services

We would be delighted to hear from members that are interested in joining the group, or who would like to share their own personal experiences, suggestions, recommended resources, etc. 



PLEASE NOTE:  APCP does not have capacity to offer individual support and advice to members experiencing discrimination in the workplace.  The CSP's Equality and  Diversity Toolkit brings together information and guidance on equality legislation in a user-friendly and accessible format so that you can look up the information you may need on all the key issues.

CSP members will find further information and support on the CSP website.  


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